Applicant Hiring System
Hire More, Track Less
Real Recruiters do not track candidates! All workflows in our Applicant Hiring System exist only to generate income. No busy work at all.
All Screens Supported
Recruiterstaff Makes a Difference


Applicant Tracking software doesn't have to be complex. Recruiterstaff is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so that you can concentrate on hiring quality applicants. Because Recruiterstaff uses current cloud-based technology, you’ll use familiar tools to configure Recruiterstaff to meet your needs. There is no need for time intensive training or long implementation periods. With Recruiterstaff, your focus will be on recruiting, not on software. However, simple doesn’t mean it isn’t robust.


Starting with your company website, Recruiterstaff integrates seamlessly with your brand and your recruiting practices. You can create custom workflows, email templates, and prescreening questions, as well as add custom fields to track any data you want. Recruiterstaff also scales easily as you grow your business. You can choose to use as much or as little of Recruiterstaff as you need in a matter of minutes.​


We don't sell software, we provide solutions. Our team of HR and recruitment professionals designed Recruiterstaff to support our own clients. We use it ourselves, every day. And while we've made it simple to use and easy to configure, we are always available to help when you want it. You'll be supported by an experienced recruiter, not a call center. Stellar support means that we listen and provide personalized support each and every time. We provide priority responses to exceed your expectations!

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