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Applicant Hiring Systems are the future for recruiting.

Recruiters rejoice. We can finally rid ourselves of the Applicant Tracking System.

Applicant Tracking Systems are broken and are going away. All these systems do is waste your valuable time filling the day with busy work that does not make you any money.

I have been a recruiter for the past 20 years and I also love technology. Google Applicant Tracking Systems and you will see thousands of the listed. I have tried many of these out and they all have the same thing in common. “Time sucking money wasting garbage for recruiters.”

Big billing recruiters will always resist having their time wasted. In fact I have a recruiter friend who has tried over 100 Applicant Tracking Systems and refused to embrace even one of them. Up until recently he was still saving resumes to his C drive and searching it with Microsoft Search. He billed over 1 million dollars last year that way. He is successful because he refuses to de- humanize the selection process. He strongly feels that the key to making placements is to have contact with a job seeker, that contact should be human. If your day is wasted tracking candidates there is no time to pick up the phone and speak with them.

The future to recruiting today are tools that create processes to help recruiters place candidates because that is the only thing that is important to them at the end of the day. There is one company I know who takes this approach. is a company who specializes in creating state of the art recruiter tools to assist the recruiter’s processes instead of changing them has released an Applicant Hiring System. This system was built to aid recruiters in not every step of the way but only those steps that need assistance. This leaves recruiters with the bulk of their day for human contact with candidates and hiring manager. Is that not the reason companies pay us big fees in the first place? Our value is the relationship and knowledge we build along the way.

I recommend going to today to give their Applicant Hiring System a try. They let you sign up and give you the first GB of resume uploads for free.

Applicant Hiring System

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