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Six rules for recruiters to close candidates today!


By: Chuck LaBenski, Co-founder

You have made an offer to the perfect candidate only to have them turn around and tell you that they are considering a couple other offers.

At this point you lost all control and have to cross your fingers the candidate takes your offer.

To make things even worse, while they compare your opportunity against their other options, your other candidates are accepting jobs elsewhere. If you’re not careful, you’ll be back to square one.

Stop. Don’t panic.

Closing candidates who are considering other offers can be very complicated.

While the numbers may be against you, it is possible to turn it around in your favor and secure the person you want for your role – even if they do have other offers on the table.

Here are some tactics to help you close candidates. You must always assume that the candidate is considering other offers. Candidates Lie! You’ll note that closing the right candidate starts well before you give them the offer.

1- Rule number one, “Never say something for the first time when taking the acceptance.”

ABC – Always be closing. Make sure you give the candidate all the information up front during the course of the interviews. Ask them if there is any information they need to help them make their decision ahead of time and along the way. Ask them if they are going to make the decision alone or is there someone else they will consult with. Any new information to them at the time you present the offer will come across as selling and pushy.

2- “Never make an offer to a candidate who does not want to work for the company or the offer is too low. “

Ask the candidate if he wants to work for the company. If the candidate says no than find out his objections and if they are unfounded, educate them. Find out ahead of time what compensation is needed. If you cannot get that amount then why bother. Only send the offer if the company insists they need a turndown for record.

3-Time is not on your side.  You must shorten the hiring cycle.

Educate the candidate on the hiring process. If you are at the end of the hiring process, let the candidate know. Make sure the hiring manager knows how active the candidate is and will not be around long.

4- “Close the candidate low and the company high.”

Candidate almost always over value themselves. You are the expert and it is your job to let them know if they are being unreasonable. If the candidate really wants to make a move you are helping them by being realalistic. The same goes for the company.

5- “You must listen to what the candidate wants.”

You have two ears and one mouth. My co-workers say to me all the time; “How come you are never fighting with candidates?” It is because I listen to the candidate and get them what they want. If they are not being realistic I educate them and not scold them.

6- “Keep the candidate competitive and hungry for the job.”

It is human nature to want to win. The candidate wants to beat out the competition. Let them know how many other candidates are in the loop. If your candidate is the one chosen for the offer. Let the candidate know they are at the top of the short list. This is the time to ask them again if they want to work for the company and if yes how much will it take and when can you start!!!!!


Good Luck!

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