• Fostering Pawsitivity: How Fostering Dogs Can Change Your Life (and Theirs)

      I usually write about full time careers but there are other ways to make a difference in this world. Fostering Dogs is a perfect way to volunteer- without even leaving your home. Volunteers are an integral part of a

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  • Grace

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  • Applicant Hiring Systems are the future for recruiting.

    Recruiters rejoice. We can finally rid ourselves of the Applicant Tracking System. Applicant Tracking Systems are broken and are going away. All these systems do is waste your valuable time filling the day with busy work that does not make

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  • A counteroffer can ruin the day but is it avoidable.

    By Chuck LaBenski – Co founder Libertyjobs.com There is nothing like putting a 20k deal on the board. You worked so hard to earn that fee but before the chalk dust settles you get the dreaded call. “I just handed

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  • Six rules for recruiters to close candidates today!

      By: Chuck LaBenski, Co-founder Libertyjobs.com You have made an offer to the perfect candidate only to have them turn around and tell you that they are considering a couple other offers. At this point you lost all control and

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  • Applicant Tracking Systems Should Be Renamed Applicant Losing Systems.

    By Chuck LaBenski – Co-Founder Libertyjobs.com I am co-owner of a 55 person staffing firm and one of the biggest gripes I have from my recruiters is the dilemma of what to do with an applicant who already applied to

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  • Who Killed Human Resources Game.

     Play Game! Game Designed by Chuck LaBenski,  Co Founder – Libertyjobs.com This game was created for technical recruiters as an inside joke and poke some fun at our friends in Human Resources. There is a love hate relationship we have

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  • A Talent Acquisition Specialists five secrets to landing your dream job!

    By: Chuck LaBenski – Co-Founder Libertyjobs.com The key to successfully obtaining an interview with a company is to use your network to get directly in touch with the hiring manager. Once your resume gets into the hands or Human Resources

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  • Five Influential Staffing Experts who are changing our beliefs.

    By Chuck LaBenski- Founder of Libertyjobs.com The current staffing industry is always dynamic and we are forever tinkering with the processes to strive for 100% efficiency. This has seen the rise of technical recruitment experts to fill the advisory gap to

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  • History of Recruiting Infographic

    A fun walk through the history of recruiting technology over the past 100 years! Please share with others!

  • SpaceX- Mission to Employment on Mars.

    By Chuck LaBenski – Founder of Libertyjobs.com Brief Introduction to SpaceX SpaceX or Space Exploration Technological Corporation is an American based company that provides space transport services. The headquarters for SpaceX is at Hawthorne, California. The SpaceX Corporation is privately funded

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