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SpaceX- Mission to Employment on Mars.

By Chuck LaBenski – Founder of

Brief Introduction to SpaceX

SpaceX or Space Exploration Technological Corporation is an American based company that provides space transport services. The headquarters for SpaceX is at Hawthorne, California. The SpaceX Corporation is privately funded in order to have a Mars mission. In 2011 NASA developed a concept for Mars mission which was budgeted and had used a Falcon Heavy as the launch vehicle coupled with a trans-Martian injection vehicle.

Mission of SpaceX to planet Mars

Additionally another dragon capsule was also used in order to make the vehicle enter the Martian atmosphere. Mars missions have always been a standing goal for the space programs. Not just exploring the planet, the plans have been attempted at settling there and terraforming it too. The Russian have advanced far more than other countries with the same aim. As of now the NASA scientists along with SpaceX are working out on a potential 2022 project which would enable us to achieve a sample return plus bringing Martian rocks to earth for research and further understanding of the planet. The vehicle as reported will be launched at a lower Mars orbit from where another spacecraft would pick up the samples and bring it back to Earth for study.

Red Capsule of Ames Research center

Ames Research centre along with Space exploration technologies have been planning a mission to find signs of life in the red planet. The spacecraft that shall be used for the same is Red Dragon. The Space exploration Technological corporations are now decidedly working on a project which shall allow the vehicle Falcon heavy rocket launch in the initial part of 2015. It is to be noted that the falcon heavy rocket is the most powerful rocket of the present time. The mission has approximately quoted a whooping cost of $128 million. The red dragon capsule will be provided with different elemental parts like MAV or Mars ascent vehicle, ERV or earth return vehicle and necessary hardware to collect and carefully return with the sample available there and also the ones collected in the rover that has previously landed.

There is a thin line pertaining to say that the use of falcon heavy vehicle is much more interesting than it seems. That is because; as this legendary rocket lifts this year it will be able to lift over 53 MT into the orbit. That load is much more than a 737 jetliner loaded with luggage and passengers. It can even lift a double of the payload of the operational vehicle that is going to come next. What could surely add on to the excitement of the general readers is that the falcon heavy has been designed to carry humans for travelling in space. It is funny how with time, humans are now being able to travel beyond the earth and hopefully soon out of the orbit and the solar system also. Maybe one day, the humans of this world can play football with aliens residing in other planets, located far away from us. However, those dreams still fall in the realm of utopia.

All you need to know about the Elon Musk

SpaceX has been in the sector for finding life, since the year 2002. It is the brainchild of Elon Musk who is also the co-founder of Tesla and PayPal. According to him, he wanted to make something great with his wealth and so exploring the unknown space around was a great sector that could get exploited in the United States. Within the first 4 years Elon has already funded about $100 million in the company. The President for the corporation is Gwynne Shotwell.

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Employment stability of SpaceX

The strength of the company has been rising a lot with time, initially a 200 member company is now more than 3800 members strong. SpaceX is a totally privately funded organization for space transport. In the year 2010, 8th December SpaceX became the first private company to have successfully launched and recovered a spacecraft. The company announced in the year 2015, that they shall now probe into satellite production business and global satellite internet business. The factory for the same would be located in Seattle region.

The company is heavily recruiting software analysts, developers and testers and engineers. Space exploration Technological Corporation has prompted all its competitors to lower their launch costs in order to stay in the run with it. Red Dragon is on a journey to test for life past or present on the surface of the planet like DNA or perchlorate reductase in the form of biomolecules. This whole mission would come at the cost of $425,000,000 excluding the launching costs.

Both SpaceX and Elon Musk have been investing heavily in the recruitment process and providing an enormous amount of employment.

On the right track of striving for perfection

By the growth in science and especially in astronomy, space X has been playing a very important role in the past few years. The institute has been gaining a lot of popularity first in 2010 for returning a spacecraft from an orbit of low-earth. And then in May 2012, it tasted another success and got highly acclamation for making the Dragon spacecraft exchange cargo payloads in space and return back to earth safely. This program was in fact in feature with some kind of government accomplishment also.

The journey of this amazing space institution has not segregated in fact even by being lured by positive responses and extensive popularity from all around the globe. They have created an intuition that is making exploration to the deeper secrets of space and time. And over time, as is being predicted, the future of space X is glorious in earth.  Space x is presently working in the development of a reusable rocket that is to be, mastered after the lifting of the world’s most powerful rocket by them later this year. The reusable rocket that they are working on is aimed at making space explorations possible for common people at a reasonable cost. Maybe our grandchildren will tell their grandchildren that their ancestors are from the planet ‘Earth’.

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