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Five Influential Staffing Experts who are changing our beliefs.

By Chuck LaBenski- Founder of

The current staffing industry is always dynamic and we are forever tinkering with the processes to strive for 100% efficiency. This has seen the rise of technical recruitment experts to fill the advisory gap to help staffing firms become better equipped to fill their customer rolls. This is what has led to the rise and popularity of technical recruiting experts to fill this gap. I believe some of the best advisers in our industry include the following five below:


  1. Emilie Mecklenborg

 recruiting, recruiters, staffing Twitter Handle: @EmilieMeck

 Emilie Mecklenborg is a social recruiting expert who also does employer branding, community engagement and also an advocate for job seekers. She advises recruiting organizations on how best to identify talent from the crowd while at the same time advising job seekers on how best to present themselves for a job. Currently, she manages the social recruiting forum for Ford Motor Company. In the past, she has recruited, coached and trained individuals which has generated into lasting relationships with employees of all cadres.  Through her social media efforts, Emilie advises recruiters on how best to go about hiring individuals. For instance, in one of her twitter hash tags, she informs recruiters to give potential employees reasons as to why they should join that particular company.


In conclusion, Emilie challenges both recruiters and potential employees to be always ahead of the pack through proper use of technology and focused messages that properly brand the organization and the individual.


  1. Mervyn Dinnen

staffing, recruiter, recruiters

Twitter Handle:@MervynDinnen

Mervyn Dinnen is an accomplished content creator and community manager with a wealth of experience in work that creates advocacy, develops unique interactions among others. In 2013, Mervyn Dinnen was awarded ‘Recruitment blog of the year Winner 2013 – UK Recruiter’ as part of his outstanding efforts in helping recruiters and Human resource personnel with developing content. Part of his duties also include blogging for Broadbean Technology and Monster worldwide by providing commentary on a regular basis regarding trends at the workplace, recruitments, research at the workplace and technological advancements. This has helped many organizations in getting the right talent while also getting motivational talks from Mervyn Dinnen.

In conclusion, Mervyn Dinnen is a force to reckon with when it comes to human resource matters and motivating companies on how best to position themselves in their respective industries while taking advantage of powerful content and advancing technology.


  1. Lars Schmidt

recruiting, staffing, recrutier

Twitter Handle: @ThisIsLars

Lars Schmidt focuses on global recruiting and management of talent for organizations in different fields. He is also the founder of Amplify Talent which specializes in brand management for employers and also conducting effective recruitments as a consultancy. Lars is a renowned fierce advocate who pushes for progressive human resource with a proven past record in developing innovative talent and advising on the best strategies for recruitment. This has helped organizations to feature well in human resource matters and especially the recruitment front. This is done by advising organizations on the need to carry along the best human resource practices that help to nurture talent among the current employees and how best to scout for new talent.

In conclusion, Lars is a renowned talent management expert and a specialist in employer branding. He has been of great use to organizations that have sought advice or service on how to properly brand themselves and scout for talent.


  1. Matt Charney

recruiter, recruiting, staffing

Twitter Handle: @mattcharney

Matt Charney also falls in the category of leading recruitment advisors for organizations. Bases on his wealth of experience, Matt is currently the managing editor for Recruiting Daily, which is said to be the world’s largest destination for content pertaining staffing and recruiting. He specializes in writing content that is impactful for organizations, carrying out marketing for different organizations. Furthermore, Matt does branding for organizations which aim to position themselves at the top of the industry together with public relations campaigns which aim at giving the right perception of an organization. Part of his activities also includes blogging, top notch content development, human resource advisory and recruiting.



  1. Mark Whitby

recruiting, staffing, recruiters

Twitter Handle: @markwhitby

Mark Whitby is one of the world’s leading coaches for the recruitment industry.  Since 2001, he has trained over 6000 recruiters in 34 countries.

His clients range from small search firms and independent agencies to some of the best known and fastest growing companies in the industry.

His proven system has helped recruiters to double or triple their billings, and managers to increase their team’s sales by 67% in 90 days.

Mark has published dozens of articles plus over 100 hours of videos and audio training materials for recruiters including the Recruitment Business Mastery DVD series.  He is perhaps best known as the host of Big Biller Summit – the world’s biggest virtual conference for the recruiting and staffing industry.

As the founder of eLearning website, Mark presents live recruitment training webinars every month for his members.  His most popular program to date is an online course called “More Clients: A Proven 8-Step System for Recruiters to Win New Business.

Prior to launching his coaching & consulting practice, Mark was a top-performing recruiter with one of the UK’s largest and most respected recruitment firms. He began his recruiting career in 1997 and was successful at both retained and contingency recruitment, winning business from large companies and fast-growth technology firms alike.

Originally from Canada, Mark is based in Edinburgh, Scotland where he lives with his wife and three children.


All the five individuals have played and continue to play a significant role to organizations that seek talent, branding and advocate for leading human resource practice. Due to their wealth of experience, they have helped organizations to position themselves ahead of the pack and also individuals to gain a better understanding of themselves when seeking for jobs. The five experts have shared insightful ideas to recruiters and recruiting firms on the best strategies to employ when conducting the recruitment process. This has been achieved through their powerful social media messages, delivering powerful talks at events and their insightful blogs on different forums.

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